Boys. Boys. Boys.

Just can't live without them can we girls?

As I am writing this, I feel like this post is a topic that I'm sure a lot of girls will look out for. Well ladies I hope I get this overview of boys right then!

Boys are [insert suitable word].

I would like to say complicated but not all boys fit under that category. The boys that I have interacted with throughout my life are so similar it's a joke. Please realise that I'm not saying that they're all the same. Lord knows that phrase has been said one to many times in this lifetime. I now know that I associated myself with boys who have similar qualities to me. I'm not the only one who has done this guys. I didn't realise until now, but us girls keep talking to guys that we're comfortable with. I wouldn't go and talk to a guy who doesn't have any of the same interests as me - hence why we think all guys are the same. WE are the ones that chose the boys we speak too, nobody chose for us. No boy is the same; I don't think it is actually possible for this statement to be true. Why is it okay for girls to say all boys are alike but boys don't say it about us?

Us girls are never defined as the same because we are all open with what's on our minds and how we deal with situations in many different ways. With boys they do the same thing when it comes to certain situations. They tend to avoid being honest with us or they try and brush whatever feelings we have for them under the carpet. No - are you mad? Do you know how hard it is for us to put words together and tell you how we feel to then get shutdown with you saying "oh okay" or "I don't want to rush anything yet". Sometimes I feel like I can write about what boys do wrong all day long, but I will never truly know what it's like to be one and therefore my theories are never 100% true. I can easily tell you what I think boys are like but any guy can read this and be like "she has no clue what a man is!".

One thing I've noticed lately is that us girls never praise boys enough. Sure they make mistakes but so do we? No one ever talks about what us girls do wrong, but then again they are just looking to be attacked (verbally we're not animals). We're a feisty bunch of women who don't take any nonsense from a guy saying that he doesn't know what feelings are? Then again we do need to remember the good guys out there because they do exist. We need to acknowledge that there are some lads out there with good intentions. The reason that we don't do this is because many stupid boys have toyed with too many girls minds, which causes us to not notice the smart ones out there. I can vouch for this and proclaim that it is true!

Instead of making this post much longer than this needs to be, I think that this topic can be continued another time - that's if anyone wants it to be! Let me know what your thoughts are about what I've said and we'll see if 'Boys. Boys. Boys - Part 2' will be posted ;)

"One Boy = A Thousand Feelings."

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