Been worrying about your Weight? Yeah me too.

This was my transformation a few years ago. Don't start thinking 'oh she's one of those girls who is gonna post about how losing weight isn't hard and say something like - If I can do it so can you!'.

No not at all. In fact losing all this weight was hard enough and what made it even harder was to maintain keeping the weight off. On the left, this me as a size 12 & the right is me at a healthy size 8. See how I highlighted the word healthy?

The photograph on the right was taken just under a year ago and even I knew I wouldn't be that small one year later. I am now a size 8-10 and some days I'm not satisfied with that result. Many times I have spent looking at my body in the mirror convincing myself that this part needs work or this part needs to vanish completely. Some days I just crumble and let my mind flood itself with many negative comments about my body but I always manage to pick myself out of that depressing tunnel. You see ALL girls struggle with weight. I am one of those girls. I can say that so easily.

The funny thing is it's not even my weight I'm upset with, it's the shape of my body. It's not toned enough and for some reason that channels out to my brain, which tells me that I don't like how much I weigh. I've recently been watching a documentary called 'My 600lb Life'. The stories on here are so shocking, yet inspiring. These people weigh WAY more than me and yes they complain about it, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE THEY CAN. I had to actually sit myself down and say 'be happy Tomi, you could have had it much worse' and that's what keeps me happy with myself. Start small whether it's doing short exercises each day or cutting out certain foods from your diet. Don't aim for fast results, take your time and then you'll see finally see the results you've been waiting for. I've started the 30-Day Ab Challenge and began to do small cardio workouts at home. It's the little things that make a big difference. Love yourself guys, you were made this way for a reason.

I watched this video the other day and I just loved what this woman had to say. If you're having body confidence issues, I guarantee this is the perfect video for you (see below).

Embrace - The Documentary - Trailer.

"As long as you're feeling good with your weight and the way you look, that's what matters."


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  2. You did so well b, gotta keep going ;) Gimme some of your motivation pls

    1. really need to lol, ab challenge lasted long.. just not long enough oops. says the girl who goes to the gym!