6 Months Too Long!

So if you know me personally then you know that this beautiful girl is basically the love of my life.

This girl. I would do anything for her and will always put her first.

You see, when you're able to see your best friend 24/7 you forget to actually appreciate the times you have together. It could be sitting in each other’s homes just having a girl’s day in or going out and grabbing some lunch with each other. Whatever you do, you know you're with them and no matter what you're doing your time is spent wisely. You see when we both went away to different Universities in September last year it didn't effect our friendship. We had no arguments or anything like that the only thing that changed was us not physically seeing each other as often as we did. We both knew that our timetables would be so different but I didn't think we would go 6 WHOLE MONTHS without seeing each other. What a dramatic change!

Fortunately for us we finally found the time to hang out after we finished our 1st Year of Uni and decided to go out to London for the day to catch up! We still saw each other before this by the way, even I know we definitely couldn't be apart for too long. Now us girls... if we miss out a week of gossip/news, do you know how hard it is to remember all that information? This was not easy. We even had phonecalls about it, trying to see if we could remember what we needed to speak about haha. So for us we had 6 months worth of discussions to freely talk about and because of this time apart we never ran out of conversation (but usually we never do anyway). Anyway I won't go into any more detail but I'm so lucky to have an amazing girl like this in my life & yes this will probably be one of my longest posts but who else deserves it than her?

The London trip was the greatest! Arcades, Bumper Cars, Laser Tag & a well-deserved lunch at Five Guys was honestly the best way to spend the day!

"True friendship isn’t about being inseparable, it’s about being separated and seeing that nothing changes."