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*Warning this post is a Cheer thing*


This is one of my "small" cheer obsessions. Not too long ago I stumbled across this YouTube series called 'Cheerleaders'. I was looking for different techniques to carry out when conditioning at home (it's the same as stretching basically). Cheerleaders is a 3-part series featuring the one and only California All-Stars Smoed. This group is IMMACULATE when it comes to cheer. Like I've never seen so much precision in my life. I aspire to cheer like them but they are a Level 5 team and I'm on a Level 2 Squad. I can't even tumble so there's improvement that needs to be made on my part if I even want to make Level 3 hehe... ;)

The California All-Starts Smoed team has won the Cheerleading World Championships 4 times in a row from 2012 - 2015. Now being a Cheerleader of course you want to be like them or at least live up to their standards. It sounds a bit silly but if you are on a cheerleading team you can easily relate to what I'm going on about. You find yourself sucked into YouTube watching different teams do full-outs (another cheer term for performing a full routine), tumbling or what I specifically look out for are Flyers and how they pull their stretches in the air.

In all seriousness, I felt like I could put down my "not-so embarrassing" obsession on my blog and not be judged because these are my thoughts and that's why I made this blog - c'mon guys it's even in the title ;). If you are interested in cheer and would want to see what inspiration looks like - I got you covered!

Check out the California All-Stars Smoed on Awesomeness TV! ⬇️

Cheerleaders Season 1 / Cheerleaders Season 2 / Cheerleaders Season 3

"People lift weights, Cheerleaders lift people."

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