10 Things To Love About Yourself.

Sometimes it's good to just remind yourself that you are special and you should acknowledge this everyday. To love yourself is not as easy as it seems. Everyone finds faults within themselves, but it is those who still see the faults who learn to love themselves regardless.

1. Love your Thoughts.
Having positive thoughts not only adds to a positive life but also spreads that positivity amongst friends and family. A happy mind equals to a happy heart.

2. Love your Special Relationship with your Friends.
Cherish what you have with certain people in your life. You never know what you've got until it's gone.

3. Love your Honesty.
Being honest is a difficult task. If you're honest with yourself then you can be honest with anyone. Becoming brutally honest is what maintains relationships.

4. Love your Open Mind.
Open up your mind to all possibilities. With an open mind you can accept that anything is possible.

5. Love your willingness to Learn.
You should never stop learning because the lesson of life never stops teaching. Learning new things can open up so many opportunities you never knew you could get.

6. Love your Positive Attitude.
In life, you're unable to live a positive life with a negative mind. Let only positive aspects enter your life and then you'll never see negativity again.

7. Love your Family.
Anytime you're with your family just stop and remind yourself what you have. Acknowledge what you have and never let it go.

8. Love how Brave you are.
Being brave is not an easy thing. By doing this you are giving yourself the ability to move forward in life regardless of what you fear.

9. Love your Body Shape.
LOVE YOUR BODY. Although this is easier said than done, love what you have. You might be saying you want to look like someone else, but I guarantee there is someone out there who wants what you have.

10. Love your Kind Heart.
Having a kind heart allows you to reflect it on others. Kind words are a gift to have. They create wealth within your heart.

Not all of these might apply to you, but they're things you can learn to love about yourself. You don't have to look pretty to feel awesome. Just be you and love how you are.

"Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone."