Making Friends via Twitter.

Now I'm sure you're reading this title and thinking huh? Who knew that creating a friendship with someone via Twitter would be a great idea?

*raises hand*

Being a fond user of this website, you tend to end up tweeting someone that shares the same interests as you. I made multiple friends from Twitter through a band that I used to support and not at all do I regret talking to these people, as they were strangers to me at first.

Now guys, when you first tell your mum that you're speaking to someone on Twitter either by talking on the phone or on Skype, best believe that you'll get a strong reaction to this news. I know that we are all brought up to never talk to strangers in public, let alone online, but we all knew that it was bound to happen to us. Obviously now my Mum is okay with all of this, but earlier on in my life she didn't understand why is was so easy for me to speak to someone online and to then give them my personal details once we had been speaking on Twitter for a reasonable amount of time.

Reading this back, I'm just thinking to myself wow I could have been talking to anyone, but I trusted the people that I gave my number to and I haven't really regretted it since. Sure there's girls out there that have my number who I don't speak to anymore, but that's life. I'm not going to be a rude person and tell them to delete me. I'm sure that they realise that we're not that close anymore and ended up getting rid of my number - I certainly have done that to a few people. That's the risks you have to take on when making friendships online. Of course I was terrified that I was going to be receiving creepy phonecalls each day or even finding out that I had a stalker or something, but luckily for me I was able to have avoided all those issues. I have made MANY friends via Twitter and for this post I had to narrow it down to 3 lovely ladies that I can freely talk about. Bearing this in mind, I am close with other people from Twitter, but I speak to each of these girls nearly ever day so I hope I'm not offending anyone oops!

*spoiler alert all 3 girls listed below know each other as we all knew the same band haha cheeky or what*


Lau. Now I've known this girl for almost 3 years and I have no idea where to start off with how great our friendship is. First I need to give her a shoutout cause she was the one to give me the idea to write this post so THANKS! :)

Our friendship is a story to be told. I remember one of our first conversations on twitter was about going to Prom. This is how you know we've come far within our friendship considering my prom was over 3 years ago - wow. I can't put into detail how quickly we got each other's number and all that but before I knew it we were texting constantly! I bet she's gonna have a right go at me for saying this but I hated the day we first met hehe. It was at a train station and she was heading to a gig that I never bought tickets for so clearly I wasn't getting in. I travelled all the way into Central London for her and yes it was worth it but it didn't work out the way we had planned it to go. Don't get me wrong we're great friends, in fact I don't think we've ever spoke about that day since. After our first interaction, we did start seeing each other here and there when we could and we'd always have the best time together.

Oh did I forget to mention that she lives in NEWCASTLE?

Yeah hence why we're lucky enough to see each other once a year or more. I'm so grateful to have her in my life. I am the older one out of us two, but that doesn't even affect our relationship. No clue why I had to let you all know that, but it's out there haha. I remember when she started sending me birthday cards in the post and I did the same with her also. Cute things like that have now became a small tradition of ours. I mean the girl got me a camera charm from Pandora as she knows that I LOVE Photography. It's the little things like that make me treasure what we have. This girl has even slept over at my house so you know that's a strong friendship right there. I'm not planning on writing everything about our friendship on here as it's OUR friendship for us to treasure, but what I'm trying to get at is that I gained something so special by just tweeting a random girl and allowed the universe to do it's thing.

Hey Lau, remember Billy Elliot?

To this day I am FOREVER grateful that you took me to see it in the theatres and allowed me to stay with you overnight in London. Who can say that their bestfriend did that for them just because. It wasn't my birthday or anything she just wanted me to go with her, meet her family and covered all the costs. Still melts my heart everyday. I know she reads my blog and I read hers so I hope ya like this lil segment about you chum!

(p.s she did text me TIME AGO to write about her so I can finally check that off my list hehe).

How cute are we?


Chlo. Oh my goodness do I love this girl or what.
She is so cute and that fact that she is smaller than me makes me feel like a giant considering that I am only 5"2 hehe. All jokes aside, she has grown up so much since the first time we spoke/met. I love being able to text her about anything and I know that she can come to me for anything also. This girl was so humble and quiet when I first met her and now she's such a wonderful, outgoing person. We first met trying to find each other at Waterloo Station and we still talk about what a laugh that was to this day! I love that I met Chloe as she is basically like me aka my white twin. We have this bad habit of buying the same items of clothing WITHOUT TELLING EACH OTHER BY THE WAY. I cannot tell you what things we have the same as it is quite a lot of stuff - oops. One day we planned to meet up in London with friends wearing exactly the same outfit and hand on heart - we actually did it.

I'm still shocked to say that after we first met, JUST UNDER 2 YEARS went past without us seeing each other again. Did this stop our friendship? HECK NO. We still kept in contact and just waited for the day to come to reconnect in person once again. I feel as I am an older sister to this little one and yet I'm the one asking her all the questions! I started this blog in the early hours of the morning aka 2am-ish and she was the first person I went too. No one knows this but mainly everyone else I wanted help from was sleeping, but it was Chlo who messaged me back straight away. Of course she is a big inspiration when it came to creating my blog as I'm a big fan of her blog. The fact that she does YouTube now is insane as she has grown so much confidence; it's amazing to see her blossom. Proud is such an understatement for when I look at her. I feel all sentimental now aww - look what you do to me hehe.

I'm happy with how our friendship is and I wouldn't want to change it for the world. Plus she has magic hair so I mean how cool is to have a friend with magic hair?


Han. First let me just apologise for defacing your beautiful pictures. You see, Han & I haven't met yet so this is the best that I could do because I had to show how pretty she is guys - am I right or am I right? I love Han. Everything about this girl is pure goals. I feel like I haven't got much to say about her as we haven't met in real life yet, but I know I will have the best memories when the right day comes. To this day, I am still gutted that I missed Han being in London last year. I wasn't aware that she came down until I saw a picture of her in London which was posted on Twitter - typical hehe. As it was a spur of the moment decision for her to come down to London it probably wouldn't have been as easy for me to jump on the train into Central as I was still attending lectures at Uni. I feel like everything I want to say about Han is only things that I've seen on twitter. It's so hard to talk about someone when you've never met them before. I didn't think I'd find it a struggle oh. I recall one time when I was in London with Laurah and she called Han and passed the phone to me. Guys do you believe me when I say that I just looked at the phone and froze. I'd never had a phonecall with her before and I had no response. Couldn't even say hi - what?! Oh I'm such a fool lol. I hope that when we finally meet I won't freeze in person, but instead we'll end up having a really good time and take so many pictures cause these drawings are a shamble haha!

I'm not aiming to encourage people to make friends via Twitter, please get that right guys. I just wanted to show you all my personal experiences with it and explain how well it worked out for me. You never know, your best friend could be out there in cyberspace than in real life! ;-)

"Finding friends is easy, keeping them is the hard part."

Who are my Inspirations?

To be inspired by someone, I think that they would need to do something so, so special in your eyes that you then think to yourself that you need to admire what they've done.

My Mum is my inspiration.

Cliché - yes, but it is very true.

I love my Mumma!
I've loved everything that she has done for me since I was a little girl. To call her an inspiration is such an incredible feeling. The reason why I call her my inspiration is quite obvious - well in my eyes it is. Throughout my life, I have been observing her ever since I've been born. When I was a young girl, it was so easy to be impressed by any small achievements that my Mum had conquered. Even at this age, I knew that I wanted to follow in her footsteps somehow. My Mum took special care to teach me skills, habits and ideas that I have now found very useful in my life. My Mum has always been satisfied with whatever I've done in my life and knowing that she felt that way towards me always made my heart warm. It really felt amazing knowing that she would support me in whatever decisions I made. In school, I knew that I wasn't one of the smartest girls in my class. I found it a struggle and my Mum knew that. This is when I realised that my forte was within the Creative Arts area. Telling my Mum that I wanted to study Art & Drama in school felt fantastic. What felt even better was the fact that she would come to my school plays to support me and since then I've always treasured those great memories forever.

Whilst reading all of this, I still have to mention that my Mum isn't my only inspiration. I've also been inspired by my brother, some of my close friends of mine and of course some celebrities. My brother made me believe in myself when it came to my studies and gave me that faith that I needed to tackle University. I'm so proud of how far he's come when it comes to his education. My brother has always been a higher achiever than me and I always tried to match up to his standards. Even though he has told me many times that it's not a competition, I've still tried to reach his targets even though we study two completely different things. In all honesty, I needed to get that small kick in the backside to realise that even though he gets higher grades in something that I don't study, my grades are good enough for my work and that I should be proud of all the effort that I put into my work.

When it comes to friends, a lot of friends have inspired me. I can't really pin-point names as usually anyone I talk to somehow inspires me in some way. I was inspired by two female friends of mine to start this blog as they both write their own and I kept up to date with their posts all the time. I can definitely say that it worked out in my favor as now I'M INSPIRING OTHERS. A friend of mine reached out to me the other day and told me that she began a blog of her own because she really liked how mine is. I was so shocked as soon as I heard this. I didn't think that my blog would be this successful. I've been getting some great feedback from friends & family and it just makes me smile. To know that I've inspired others makes my life, I wish I could put it into words on how it makes me feel but just imagine that it feels like a thousand hugs or money... £1000 would be great too haha!

All I want to say is, once someone inspires you, you will most likely inspire someone else and the list will go on and on. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether being something small like a picture or something big like... well if you think of something big let me know please! :-)

"I want to inspire, and be inspired."


Friends & Friendships.

I love my friends as much as I love my family. Over the years, I have had so many friends come and go throughout my life and it just proves to me who I can & can't trust.

Ever since secondary school, I've had a "big" group of friends that I would speak to and always be around with everyday. Once we broke up and finished school, we all vowed to stay in contact after we parted ways. What a crap idea that was. I don't understand why I spent 5 years of my life learning the insides & out's of some of my "friends" for our to friendship to just disappear once school ended. Why is that? Why couldn't I just look at certain people and just assume that we won't be friends anymore down the line and cut out the awkwardness there and then. Bearing that in mind, I can't say that I tried to keep in touch with everyone. I didn't reach out to a lot of 'friends' once I left school and entered college. This was the same with going to Uni also.

Now even though that sounds a bit harsh, it's not just only me who has felt this way. If I could talk to everyone I would, but sometimes my interests with certain people were never there once school was over. The only thing we had in common was going to the same school and sharing the same friends. Once that ended, what friendship did we have left to continue with? People say that Uni is where you make your friends for life. I disagree with the statement as I have made friends for life back in Primary School, Secondary School AND College.

By applying to University, I knew that it was going to be such a big change and I already knew that I wouldn't have enough time to keep in touch with EVERYONE, so I had to have my limits when it came to friendships. Although by saying this, I slyly contradict myself here when I can happily say that I have kept in contact with one of my best friends from Primary School. Since then, it has been a whole 14 years that we have continued being such great friends.
Now that's what you call a friendship.

I love that even though it has been many years since we've known each other, that first day friendship is still there. It's great to keep friends from when you were little, but it's also healthy putting yourself out there and making new friends. Knowing myself, I don't find this too hard. In fact throughout my first year of Uni I was called "Miss Social" in my flat as I would easily talk to anyone and begin a conversation with someone random just like that.

It's not easy doing this. I don't even know where this confidence comes from - I've just always had it in me I guess. To me, I think it's because I went to University alone. I knew no one and that forced me to start talking to new people. As hard as it may seem, it's so worth it. I would rather start socialising with new people everyday than stick to only talking to my old school friends 24/7. By doing this you're restricting yourself from meeting such great people. The fact that I can say I've spoken to many people from multiple countries is amazing. It's not everyday speak to someone in the UK, sometimes branch out overseas guys. People who live abroad are such interesting people & what's even better is that they think that you're SUPER INTERESTING for living in the UK! Crazy right?

What I'm trying to say is that sure it's okay to keep in contact with friends from your school days, but to build a friendship with someone new is a much greater feeling in my opinion.

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave & impossible to forget."

Define: Social Media.

Social Media.
This can be defined in anyway possible. Everyone uses it; it's too hard not too.

It's hard enough to block yourself from social media when it is everywhere and super easy to access.

The main social media websites used today are:
 Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat

Apart from these four, there are many more different media platforms that can be accessed by anyone. I'm a big user of these four social networks. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed, but as soon as I wake up, I check Twitter like it's the morning paper. It's funny to read that back to myself and realise that I am swallowed up by a pointless website everyday. It's not healthy - everyone knows that. But unfortunately it's not easy to remove it from our lives. Social Media will always be there.

I bet that if you're reading this, you struggle with this also. I don't usually track how many times I go on social media each day, considering I know it'll be too much to look at. I'm just assuming that you also feel like it's a huge waste of time. Regardless we know that sometimes it's not useful, yet we do nothing to change this.

We don't constantly check these platforms just for fun. We do this because this is our way of seeing what else is happening in the world or what activities our friends & family have gotten up too. When we visit these sites, we satisfy our needs to show our connection with others. This gives us comfort and fulfills our minds to let us know that we are not alone. We also tend to use what's going on in other people's lives to create context and meaning for what's going on in our own lives. This is known as Social Comparison.

To be 100% honest with you all, ever since I started up my blog and shared it with the Twitter & Facebook world, I now check both platforms more frequently. It gives me small comfort to know that what I'm saying on here matters; that I've had a positive impact on those who read my posts.

Type What I'm Thinking To Everyone Reading.
This website is just a small platform for me to write whatever I want. I didn't think I would use it much as it was nothing special. 4+ years later and here I am still updating my followers about my life. It's not something I'm proud of but then again I've been using it for this long now so why shall I stop?

I'm slyly embarrassed that I still use this because it's not really beneficial in my eyes. The reason I'm still on Facebook is for friends & family reasons only. Certain friends of mine do not own a twitter account - clearly missing out - and the way I can stay in contact with them is through Facebook. In regards to family, I keep in touch with family members on there also. It's a good way of connecting with them, plus I couldn't imagine having to tweet my aunt or uncle - weird right?

Instagram is one of my favourite social apps on my phone. I don't know why it is, but I LOVE it. Maybe it's because I study photography but I just like the fact that I can Instagram certain images and make them look good on this app instead of just simply posting it on Twitter/Facebook. Some say that Insta is every hipsters favourite way to make it look like they're taking amazing pictures when really they're just using their camera feature on their phones.

YASSSS SNAPCHAT. This is another one of my favourite apps to use. I'm not even ashamed in admitting this. I adore snapchat, even though it is quite pointless, it's a fun app to use. The purpose of it is to have picture conversations with friends, but now with the chat feature it's like texting but with pictures as the main feature. I like to abuse the 'my story' feature as I just have to let everyone know what work I'm doing or make them watch me lip-sync to one of my favourite songs. It's such a bad obsession but it grows stronger and stronger each day - oops.

Social Media is something that changes everyday and we choose to become one with it. I don't regret using it, but I do miss the days when it wasn't as popular as it is now.

"When I was younger, social media was called 'outside'."


University Life: Part 2!

Here is the second half of 'University Life!'.

If you missed the first half check out the link below ⬇️
(Click Here For Part 1)


I feel like I have mentioned what I study one too many times on my blog, but you know sometimes repetition is good haha! I don't really know how to start talking about my course so I'll just say that it's going extremely well. I assumed like any first year newbie that the transition to being a University student was going to be so hard, but in fact my course just feels like extra work to do in college. I wouldn't say that the modules and coursework was hard - it was simply challenging. Back in college I only had one Photography class whereas at Uni I have four classes for each module that we study. Now hearing this it sounds so complicated, but balancing each class and the workload wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. Sure there was work to do for each class and there was multiple deadlines to meet, but I made sure I got on top of it all. In all honesty I don't think I wouldn't have had such an easy time without the help of my squad. I never thought I would meet a bunch of Photography pals that I could rely on but to also be great friends with. Unlucky for me, I knew no one from my college studying Photography in Uni and to find people that are just like me made my days just a little bit better to deal with!

George, Danny, Alex & Hannah this one's for you!


Apologies but my Uni nightlife isn't going to be such an intense segment in this post - uh oh. Let me just be honest with you all; I didn't go out a lot in my first year okay! This is only because I was too dedicated to my studies. C'mon guys it's not everyday party. Okay all jokes aside, for Semester A I didn't go out a lot because I was just getting too in depth with my course and I never really had the time to go out. I remember that I last went out at the end of October & then took a long break till the start of January - yikes. After that I went out a fair amount within Semester B but still remained calm with it all.


I don't know how many times I went out, but all I know is that it was a lot because I was coming to the end of my course & I still had a fair amount of student loan leftover! I think me going out a lot within the last semester was greatly timed as I didn't enjoy nights out as much within the other two semesters because I knew I had so much work to do the next day. Semester C was calm and I had no worries so of course I took advantage. I remember one week I went out from Mon - Weds and I was SHATTERED on Thursday morning. That's when I knew I hit my limit and I needed to have some rest. The 'nightclubs' at Uni are much better than what I have offered to me back at home. At Uni there are three places that I can go too - one is located within the university & the other two require a bus service to get there. Sounds expensive but the bus ticket comes included with your entrance ticket to the venue. All I can say about going out is to make sure you're responsible, go out with people that YOU want to be around and just keep aware of whatever things may happen throughout the night.


Yay Cheer! I've already given a brief overview of my cheerleading experience on my Cheerleading! page but I'm sure I can squeeze some more information on here. So yes, I am a cheerleader. It's kind of weird to say as it isn't a big sport over here in the UK but I'm happy that I can be apart of a squad as I've always wanted to do it when I was younger. Before becoming apart of the University I did look into what sports they included and this is where I found Cheer! So there's little ol' optimistic me so pumped to become apart of the team. I signed up to attend the training days and this is where I was informed of Tryouts. Unfortunately I didn't make the team and I was GUTTED. You know when you pin all your hopes on something & it doesn't work out the way you planned? Yeah that happened to me. Fortunate for me, one of my coursemates who made the team had told me a lot of people are quitting and that I should email the coach saying that I was keen and all that. So I did. That's how I became a reserve member and I was ecstatic that I was on the team. Sadly being a reserve doesn't guarantee going to competitions and I learnt that the hard way. So next season, watch out cause it's my time to show that I can be a great Flyer and to prove to myself that all this waiting on the sidelines was worth it.

So that's the end! I hope my stories were interesting to read about and gave you all an insight to being a University Student. Believe me when I say this but both of the posts were very hard to write and if I bored you then sorry not sorry! As this had to be summarised into two posts I'm sure I missed out a few things so if you have any questions leave them below!

"The best University is the University of Life!"


10 Things To Love About Yourself.

Sometimes it's good to just remind yourself that you are special and you should acknowledge this everyday. To love yourself is not as easy as it seems. Everyone finds faults within themselves, but it is those who still see the faults who learn to love themselves regardless.

1. Love your Thoughts.
Having positive thoughts not only adds to a positive life but also spreads that positivity amongst friends and family. A happy mind equals to a happy heart.

2. Love your Special Relationship with your Friends.
Cherish what you have with certain people in your life. You never know what you've got until it's gone.

3. Love your Honesty.
Being honest is a difficult task. If you're honest with yourself then you can be honest with anyone. Becoming brutally honest is what maintains relationships.

4. Love your Open Mind.
Open up your mind to all possibilities. With an open mind you can accept that anything is possible.

5. Love your willingness to Learn.
You should never stop learning because the lesson of life never stops teaching. Learning new things can open up so many opportunities you never knew you could get.

6. Love your Positive Attitude.
In life, you're unable to live a positive life with a negative mind. Let only positive aspects enter your life and then you'll never see negativity again.

7. Love your Family.
Anytime you're with your family just stop and remind yourself what you have. Acknowledge what you have and never let it go.

8. Love how Brave you are.
Being brave is not an easy thing. By doing this you are giving yourself the ability to move forward in life regardless of what you fear.

9. Love your Body Shape.
LOVE YOUR BODY. Although this is easier said than done, love what you have. You might be saying you want to look like someone else, but I guarantee there is someone out there who wants what you have.

10. Love your Kind Heart.
Having a kind heart allows you to reflect it on others. Kind words are a gift to have. They create wealth within your heart.

Not all of these might apply to you, but they're things you can learn to love about yourself. You don't have to look pretty to feel awesome. Just be you and love how you are.

"Love yourself enough to never lower your standards for anyone."

Boys. Boys. Boys.

Just can't live without them can we girls?

As I am writing this, I feel like this post is a topic that I'm sure a lot of girls will look out for. Well ladies I hope I get this overview of boys right then!

Boys are [insert suitable word].

I would like to say complicated but not all boys fit under that category. The boys that I have interacted with throughout my life are so similar it's a joke. Please realise that I'm not saying that they're all the same. Lord knows that phrase has been said one to many times in this lifetime. I now know that I associated myself with boys who have similar qualities to me. I'm not the only one who has done this guys. I didn't realise until now, but us girls keep talking to guys that we're comfortable with. I wouldn't go and talk to a guy who doesn't have any of the same interests as me - hence why we think all guys are the same. WE are the ones that chose the boys we speak too, nobody chose for us. No boy is the same; I don't think it is actually possible for this statement to be true. Why is it okay for girls to say all boys are alike but boys don't say it about us?

Us girls are never defined as the same because we are all open with what's on our minds and how we deal with situations in many different ways. With boys they do the same thing when it comes to certain situations. They tend to avoid being honest with us or they try and brush whatever feelings we have for them under the carpet. No - are you mad? Do you know how hard it is for us to put words together and tell you how we feel to then get shutdown with you saying "oh okay" or "I don't want to rush anything yet". Sometimes I feel like I can write about what boys do wrong all day long, but I will never truly know what it's like to be one and therefore my theories are never 100% true. I can easily tell you what I think boys are like but any guy can read this and be like "she has no clue what a man is!".

One thing I've noticed lately is that us girls never praise boys enough. Sure they make mistakes but so do we? No one ever talks about what us girls do wrong, but then again they are just looking to be attacked (verbally we're not animals). We're a feisty bunch of women who don't take any nonsense from a guy saying that he doesn't know what feelings are? Then again we do need to remember the good guys out there because they do exist. We need to acknowledge that there are some lads out there with good intentions. The reason that we don't do this is because many stupid boys have toyed with too many girls minds, which causes us to not notice the smart ones out there. I can vouch for this and proclaim that it is true!

Instead of making this post much longer than this needs to be, I think that this topic can be continued another time - that's if anyone wants it to be! Let me know what your thoughts are about what I've said and we'll see if 'Boys. Boys. Boys - Part 2' will be posted ;)

"One Boy = A Thousand Feelings."

1...2...3... SMAMILY!

*Warning this post is a Cheer thing*


This is one of my "small" cheer obsessions. Not too long ago I stumbled across this YouTube series called 'Cheerleaders'. I was looking for different techniques to carry out when conditioning at home (it's the same as stretching basically). Cheerleaders is a 3-part series featuring the one and only California All-Stars Smoed. This group is IMMACULATE when it comes to cheer. Like I've never seen so much precision in my life. I aspire to cheer like them but they are a Level 5 team and I'm on a Level 2 Squad. I can't even tumble so there's improvement that needs to be made on my part if I even want to make Level 3 hehe... ;)

The California All-Starts Smoed team has won the Cheerleading World Championships 4 times in a row from 2012 - 2015. Now being a Cheerleader of course you want to be like them or at least live up to their standards. It sounds a bit silly but if you are on a cheerleading team you can easily relate to what I'm going on about. You find yourself sucked into YouTube watching different teams do full-outs (another cheer term for performing a full routine), tumbling or what I specifically look out for are Flyers and how they pull their stretches in the air.

In all seriousness, I felt like I could put down my "not-so embarrassing" obsession on my blog and not be judged because these are my thoughts and that's why I made this blog - c'mon guys it's even in the title ;). If you are interested in cheer and would want to see what inspiration looks like - I got you covered!

Check out the California All-Stars Smoed on Awesomeness TV! ⬇️

Cheerleaders Season 1 / Cheerleaders Season 2 / Cheerleaders Season 3

"People lift weights, Cheerleaders lift people."

Who knows what a Date is?

Following on my from Relationships Post, going on dates are an important factor when being in a committed relationship.

Lately, this generation doesn't seem to understand the terms of going on physical date. In all honestly I think we've completed removed it from our systems.

Before, in the good old days, when a guy used to pick up a girl from her house he would arrive there at the correct time and simply knock on the door. This has now changed to strolling up to the house whenever and sending a text saying 'I'm outside'. This is 100% true because I've done it before - many times. Where has this laziness come from guys? I remember when you used to like someone you would pass a note in primary school saying 'do you like me yes or no?' and awaited their response. Now all of a sudden you can tell if someone likes you by placing certain emoji's on his or hers Instagram post or even sending cheeky snaps on snapchat.

Date Nights have now evolved from going out to eat in a 'fancy' restaurants to ordering in pizza and watching Netflix. Yes I know this sounds cliché and many people enjoy that - including me but where's the romance gone? It now seems like no one is actually DATING anymore. Everyone's either 'talking to someone' or is 'having a thing with this guy/girl'. No one is making an effort to actually begin to commit to a relationship. This makes no sense as most of us don't want to be alone? Think of it like this - a guy is 'talking' to this girl yet he won't take her out anywhere. Girl gets bored and starts snapchatting a potential bae. Now the original guy gets mad at her for this. Can you just see how wrong this situation is? Not only is he in the wrong but he's not bothering to include the real part in relationship and firm what he has with this girl. This isn't just aimed at guys, girls do exactly the same thing. If she's just 'talking' to a guy but has no plans of making a commitment with him, she has no right to be mad when he starts commenting 'FIRE' on another girl's Instagram picture.

All I want is real dates to come back to life again? It's not everyday chill at home, sometimes make the effort to take someone out and switch up the usual "Date Night" ideas. I hope this doesn't come out like a rant because it isn't, I just thought that we've lost the originally of dates and maybe 2015 is a good time for them to come back!

"Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air and go explore."

University Life: Part 1!

Hey guys!
This is the first half of my two-part blog post titled:

 University Life!

So I'm sure by reading my blog that you know that I attend University where I am studying a BA (Hons) Degree in Photography. Now as this post is clearly labeled 'University Life' this is a chance for me to share my personal stories of my first year at uni!



Now in Freshers (which is Freshers Week if you didn’t know) I didn’t actually go mad. In fact I went the complete opposite and kept as calm as ever. Freshers starts at the beginning of your first academic year at university, which includes a week of planned events intended to welcome the new first-year students. I thought that this would be my week to let loose and go out every night. Bearing in mind I did that – I just couldn’t hack every night though. I also stopped drinking alcohol. For that one week I somehow managed to put myself off social drinking and went sober 3 out of the 5 nights that I went out. Now I bet all first years are thinking ‘corr she didn’t do freshers right’ well no you’re wrong. You can have a great time without alcohol in your system and I proved that to be VERY true. Freshers Week was probably one of the best weeks that I’ve ever had. I was able to see up & close a few of the artists that performed & even the day activities were great. The one thing I hated about Freshers is that my course decided to start on that same week, so whilst enjoying freshers week I was HELLA TIRED from the night before. Apart from that Freshers was on point. Freebies are my favourite thing & also trying out new activities such as going to a HEADPHONE DISCO made my week. Nothing mad went down so thank goodness for that. My Freshers experience was basically my week to solely enjoy everything that went on, make new friends with the people in my course & to also get to know my flatmates considering that I will be living with them for the whole year.


Now where do I begin with these guys aye? I LOVE my flatmates. This isn't an understatement I really do love these guys. Who thought living with 10 other people would be such a great feeling. Out of the 10 people in the flat I had my lucky six winners.

Ade, Stella, Ghassan, Kishan, Rajan & Gaurav.

These people right here MADE my first year. I moved in on the Sunday of the move-in weekend and I was one of the last people to arrive. This was a small mistake as everyone already went out together the night before and started forming friendships. Plus this also meant I had to find kitchen & freezer space late which is a big no-no. When I moved in I was scared. I had spoke to some of the people who I was living with through Facebook so at least I knew some faces when I walked through the flat door. If anyone has lived in halls before then you know how weird it is to say goodbye to your family and to begin socialising with a bunch of strangers that you're stuck with until you move out. Now being alone wasn't what I was worried about, it was actually planning on LIKING these people. I wasn't looking to move flats cause the hassle with that is a joke. On the first night, of course I just had to ask 'so who's going out tonight?' and we all ended up going out apart from a few people. The theme of the night was a beach theme because we were going to a foam party in the Uni 'nightclub'. I'm happy that we all went together, it got us talking with each other and allowed us to see how we are around each other when we go on nights out. Now I really can't be bothered to list everything we've all done together cause that's TOO many stories to tell haha! I love how well we all bonded especially because we all study such different things. There's an Aerospace Engineer in this group and then there's a Nurse, a Musician/Song-Writer & even a Graphic Designer. Like who would have thought that you could put these people together and have such a FIRE group?! Compared to other flats, not everyone was as close friends with each other like we were. Everyone had like two close friends in their flat that they stuck with and although we had each other, we had our own small groups also. It wasn't a problem, we still spent a lot of time together & that's what mattered the most!


Believe it or not but I learnt to cook A LOT of things within my first year. Like it's actually so embarrassing to admit this but I didn't even know some of the basics when it comes to cooking. Don't get me wrong I knew how to look after myself when it came to washing, cleaning & cooking frozen foods; I just didn't know how to cook certain things. In my first year I learnt to cook Pasta, Spaghetti Bolognese, Omelettes & many more things I've just completely forgotten them all. I'm not ashamed of this because I knew so many people who were just living on take-aways or pot noodles - gross. I wasn't afraid of what my flatmates thought; instead they were able to help me learn new meals to cook. The one thing I loved the most about cooking in halls is sharing meals. Whenever Ghassan made fajitas for me always made my evening. I was so ecstatic cause I knew that a) I didn't need to cook a thing and b) he supplied all the ingredients. I'm happy with the new food skills that I can bring into the second year and hopefully I won't be struggling as bad as I did at the beginning of my first year.


Money was a HUGE issue during my first year. It's really hard to be given such a huge lump sum of money when you start Uni. At first you feel like you are BALLIN' with like £2k-£3k from your first installment courtesy of Student Finance, but as soon as accommodation snatched that away from me I was left with like £400 to live off on from October - January. Now that sounds like a lot and it was so I'm grateful for what I had but as a Photography student it wasn't enough. As a Creative Arts student you don't get free printing paper or workbooks. These things cost a SH*TLOAD. I didn't realise the full struggle of this until I had a project that required me to buy film rolls & darkroom paper for the labs that we were working in. By the time I knew it we were just entering December and I probably had £100 to my name. Now that's still enough to live on if I was just buying food and doing my washing only, but sometimes my lectures would spring it on us with an email containing a list of things to buy for next lesson. These were still small items but they added up in the end. I mean I had to buy colour photo paper, which cost me £62. Luckily I split this with some people on my course, but I mean isn't that a lot of money for BLANK pieces of paper? The reason why it had cost so much is because the paper was photographic paper which couldn't be exposed to light otherwise we've ruined the paper. Funny thing is we didn't even use the entire box - this angers me. Apart from my photography payments, I also do cheerleading and the AU (Athletic Union) doesn't cover our expenses as much as they do for other sports so another lump sum of my money had to go to paying for a new uniform, training kit & cheer shoes. I'm glad that I learnt money management from a young age considering that I don't live off my Mum. I pay for everything myself & Uni began to challenge that but I was still able to succeed regardless of this issue. Money was a difficult challenge but once I knew how quickly it went I began to budget for when the next installment came through!

So that's the first half of University Life done - yassssss. If you're interested in reading more of my life, which will include things such as 'My Course, Nightlife & more... watch out for the next post!

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"University should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning."


Todrick Hall = Quing Toddy!

Now usually I wouldn't write about a YouTuber in detail, but oh my goodness this guy is someone you REALLY need to know about.

Todrick Hall.

It all started with this video of his that I found titled 'Beyoncé End Of Time Target Flash Mob'. I'm sure I was having a Beyoncé day on YouTube and this video came up on the side bar. All it took was one click & now I'm hooked. In all honesty I didn't think I would be THIS hooked, but I just began to click on more of his videos and ended up watching at least 3/4 of them all in one night. It doesn't take a genius to guess that I subscribed to this man straight away. Todrick Hall is most famous for auditioning on the 9th season of American Idol, where he made it up to the semi-finals. Since the show, he moved onto Broadway and then finally began building up his popularity on YouTube.

*way to go Tomi, this sounds too factual*

Todrick is now going on tour this year & has greatly titled it 
The Toddlerz Ball'.

This is his second tour as he was on tour previously titled 'Twerk Du Soleil'. I was SO ready to buy tickets for this, but I had no one to go with and just the fact that he had ONLY TWO DATES in the UK made me sad that I missed it. I can't go to this tour this year due to work but that's okay cause I actually have a valid reason. The reason why I'm talking about Todrick is that he is one of my many inspirations. I like his videos because they are so different to the same typical content that you see on YouTube day-to-day. He's daring and that makes me want to be daring. He kind of adds to the reason of why I made a blog. To not only put myself out there but to also stand out from the crowd and embrace being different.

Check out all his Videos on his YouTube Channel below ⬇️

Here's a "few" of my favourite Videos!

Mickey Minaj | 4 Beyoncé | 90's Disney | Bridesmaids | Twerking in the Rain | Mean Boyz / Mean Gurlz | Virgin America Safety Video | The Wizard of Ahhhs | Beauty and the Beat / Beauty And The Beat Boots | Spell Block Tango / Cell Black Django

I don't mean to post a lot of links but honestly once you start watching his videos you can't physically stop. I didn't realise I was THIS much of a fan till I scrolled back through all his videos trying to find just some of my favourite ones for this post.

Todrick's Social Media:
Twitter Instagram / Facebook / Website

"I love performing more than anything else."

I am Miss Advice!

Okay so this post is basically a spur of the moment topic as lately I have been giving advice left, right & centre to one of my closest friends.

As the title says 'I am Miss Advice' this is 100% TRUE - well to me it is. I can't even begin to tell you how real this fact actually is. This isn't just a recent thing guys, like all throughout secondary school & college and even University - I have been the go to girl in my close circle of friends to get advice from. Now I'm not even using this platform to brag and insist on people to start asking me for advice, but this is one thing that oddly enough I can say that I'm really good at. I don't know where the information comes from in my brain but I just end up telling/texting people what they want to hear.

*Gosh that sounds really big-headed*

Advice when needed is really a great thing to have and the fact that I can provide that for people means a whole lot to me. Usually I don't ask for advice unless I REALLY need it. I'm that type of girl that just goes with her gut-instinct and says whatever leaks out of my mouth. This usually goes one or two ways but around 80% of the time it works out in my favor. When friends of mine ask me to give them my opinion on something that they can't sort out without help, I honestly don't mind doing it. Although the one thing I don't do is sugarcoat things. If you ask me to help you, girl best believe that I will be BRUTALLY HONEST. Giving out the "right" advice is not as simple as people think. You can easily say something that might offend the person you're trying to help and once you've done that well you've really just made a huge mess of things.

I guess what I'm trying to say if you want advice I'm the girl you need! Haha... all jokes aside, advice is one thing I like to do when speaking to my friends and although it isn't something everyone can do - in my opinion - it's a great trait to have. You're able to let allow people to ask you for help with either their personal issues or just everyday issues. The main thing that you can take from this is that they TRUST YOU. Keep that in mind.

"The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on."